The Fast Way To Get Followers On Instagram



How do you convince someone you don’t know to “follow” and “like” you on Instagram? Where do you even begin to find followers for your account? And would cramming your photos with all the popular hashtags work to gain more visibility for your posts? Never has sharing an image created such anxiety-filled questions for many businesses and marketing people. But the truth of the matter is that such questions need to be resolved because Instagram, with its 150 million active users every month and 55 million photos shared every day, can enhance your branding and increase consumers for your business.

While the Facebook-owned image-sharing platform is visually driven, great looking photos do not always guarantee huge followers and massive likes for your account. Yes, a posted photo of an intensely seductive woman or a smashingly adorable dog might work to get a few comments, but unless your business sells female oriented products or offers pet-related services, then you’re out of luck. What you need is a strategy to produce amazing content that can entice and maintain followers. Here are a few suggested options to get followers on Instagram, fast.

Timing is everything. Posting photos requires great timing. If you post an image way too early, then it is likely to get buried under your followers’ feeds. Social media strategists suggest posting at favorable times, which means looking into your followers’ activity. When do they check their accounts? Are they checking in throughout the day or just during rush hour traffic? Do you have followers scattered in different time zones?

According to social media analytics and measurement source, Simply Measured, the best time to post is between 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on a Wednesday.

Make your posts about your community. Instead of focusing too much on your products, services, or whatever it is your business offers, take your cue from Instagram’s biggest, baddest brands (e.g., Starbucks and Nike) and turn the spotlight on your community. Make it about them. Celebrate the achievements they’ve shared. And you will build those connections that inevitably raise your business, from its image to its bottom line.

Engage your followers through competitions. Launching a contest is an excellent way of building excitement for your business on Instagram. You might even get an idea for new content through the entries you get. The contest needs to be rewarding and challenging to attract customers to join. Know more when you visit this website.

Use hashtags that are not just popular but also brand-relevant. The right hashtags give your photos more visibility. Social media strategists report that the most popular hashtags are #instadaily, #instagood, #love, and #tbt (throwback Thursday). You can use those for your posted photos but do make sure that they are relevant to your brand.

Why Your Business Needs Email To Fax

Not even the latest technological innovations of emails, text messages, online messaging and cloud storage can make people, even more so business owners, to throw away the use of fax machines. Over the years, it has always been one of the most essential tools of communication especially for businesses. About 25 million businesses in the US alone are still relying on fax for getting connected.

This is particularly true for those companies who are constantly dealing with paperwork and documents. From insurance companies, legal firms, government agencies to manufacturing businesses, you can see just how sending and receiving fax would affect the daily operations of these companies. But then again, the fax horror stories are always there as there are jammed paper, busy signals and threats to data security as some of the major issues.

Good thing there is now a new way to do fax messaging. You can now email to fax messaging with the use of a highly innovative message delivery. Basically, the sender will just have to send the document through the traditional fax machine to your email to fax number. You will receive the fax in form of a traditional fax in PDF or TIF format through a dedicated email account. The same process works for you should you send a fax message.

For professionals who are always on the go, this method of sending fax indeed works best. By simply logging into your account online, you can now send faxes to all over the world. You can affix your e-signature over the document without having to personally do it on a paper. Plus, without having to use papers and toners and the machine’s use of electricity, you are certainly being friendly to the environment. What is even more amazing is that you can keep your paper safe and secure as your copies in your archive stays for long. Visit to know more about this.

Indeed, email to fax solutions, spells efficiency, security and affordability for all types of businesses.